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Name:The Kissing Job
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Festival of Leverage Kisses
This community is modeled, with the greatest respect, after the Livejournal community McSmooch. Please read the rules before posting.

Posting Rules

1. Festivals of Leverage Kissing will occur periodically--there will be a post to announce the start and the end of each fest. Please don't post kisses here at other times.

2. One fanwork per entry.

3. Please post all works to the comm, rather than linking back to a journal.

4. Please put all posts over 150 words (including header information) behind a cut. For images or art, a safe for work preview is fine, but the full work should be under a cut.

5. Please post new material for your entry, rather than linking to previously posted works.

6. Clearly indicate if your work involves spoilers for the current season, and put the work behind a cut if it does.

7. Fic, Art, Picspam--all are welcome.

8. A standard header for posts in not required, but do put all information in your post, above the cut tag, that you think viewers and readers need to know about your work. That should be possible in less than 150 words.

What Kind of Kisses Are Allowed?

Pretty much anything goes. All pairings or groups are welcome, Gen, Het, Multi and Slash. All characters, regulars or guest stars, are fair game. Real Person Fiction kisses are welcome as well. Crossover kissing is fine, but at least one of the kissers has to be a Leverage character or actor.

All genres are welcome, happy fun kisses, angsty kisses, silly kisses, whatever you want to share.

There is no word limit for fic, but please respect the cut tag rules.

What If I Don't Write or Make Art?

Then enjoy the works posted here, and leave lots of comments and encouragement. Tell your reading list about the comm, and let them enjoy the kissing too.

Your Mod

Contact me at the listed email address if you need to.

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